3 Reasons Why Blanket Hoodies Are Better than Blankets

3 Reasons Why Blanket Hoodies Are Better than Blankets

As we are in the midst of the winter season and lockdowns are once again in effect, what better way to spend these cold nights than under a cozy blanket. However, that favourite cozy blanket of yours cannot come with you everywhere, It’s just not practical. That’s why blanket hoodies, a hybrid between a blanket and a hoodie are the perfect fix. While you cook, clean, work from home etc can now be done in comfort and warmth. Here’s why you should invest in a blanket hoodie from SocoHoodies rather than a regular blanket.  

1. Affordable: 

SocoHoodies are affordable when compared to other blanket hoodies. Not only are they affordable but the quality beats all other blanket hoodies. From ultra-soft material to even being water-resistant. The SocoHoodie checks all major boxes when looking for the best blanket hoodie in the market. SocoHoodies are available from $39.99 to $59.99, a very affordable price to the common consumer. When compared to blankets, a good quality, warm blanket can be quite expensive and has a lot fewer benefits to the blanket hoodie. 

2. Mobile: 

The SocoHoodie is very mobile in comparison to regular blankets. Blanket hoodies can be worn to outside events, on the go, around the house etc. These blanket hoodies keep you warm, comfortable and most importantly allow you to easily maneuver around. Being able to complete daily tasks and even wear them out, sacrificing comfort will never be an issue. This is where blankets do not complete. Regular blankets are not even close to being mobile or easy to carry around. 

3. Easy to clean: 

Due to the material SocoHoodies are made out of and the size of these blanket hoodies, machine washing them are easy and hassle-free. On the other hand, blankets are not as machine-friendly. Blankets tend to demand more care when washing as they are much bigger and higher quality blankets are usually dry clean or hand wash only. This is why SocoHoodies make the perfect alternative. They offer the same qualities as a normal, regular blanket but with the addition of quite a few more benefits.

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