Blanket Hoodie is the Warmest!

While each and every blanket hoodie has its pluses there are a couple of blanket hoodies that are warmer than your average item. These blanket hoodies are known for having the softest plush sherpa materials to keep that warmth tucked in under that very same blanket. The ultra-plush wearable blanket provides better fade and stain resistance than cotton ones. A blanket hoodie keeps you warm and comfortable when you are resting on the sofa watching TV or working on a laptop.



The angel wrap blanket hoodie is so warm and comfortable you are probably going to forget you are even wearing it. It is so convenient for gaming for long periods of time, no need to ever take it off. The pockets are big enough to hold all of your stuff, phone, tablet, game controller, snacks, and even the remote control so you don't lose it during your binge-watch marathons. You can get this item for adults and children so the whole family can relax in their favorite blanket hoodie.


You will quickly find yourself living in a hoodie blanket—set to become the easiest item in your wardrobe. Giant, easily accessible pockets make staying in easier than ever. The one-size-fits-all design makes it super durable for traveling, camping, watching sports events, or just hanging out at home watching TV on the couch.




Smart design features which set a hoodie blanket apart from a regular one—such as large pockets in the front which are perfect for carrying your phone, snacks, and more, and elasticated wrist cuffs that will prevent the large sleeves from falling over your hands so you can still reach for a drink easily.


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