The Top 5 Benefits Of The Cozy Cushy

1) Never Have To Compromise Between Warmth and Dexterity
Tired of having to take your arms out from under your favorite blanket in order to perform simple tasks such as change the television channel, snack on your favorite comfort foods, or use your mobile device? The Cozy Cushy offers the perfect solution! This wearable blanket with sleeves allows users to stay warm and still have full use of their arms and hands. Why compromise on warmth and dexterity any longer? The solution is here!

2) Never Have To Share Your Blanket Again
Tired of your spouse, siblings, or friends hogging the sheets? The Cozy Cushy offers the perfect personalized solution. Suitable for ONE, you can enjoy all the warmth and not have to worry about another person taking your comfort! Simply don the Cozy Cushy placing your arms in the sleeves and enjoy with no worries!

3) Express Your Personal Style With A Colors and Patterns
The Cozy Cushy comes in a range of various styles and colors enabling you to sport your personal style and not having to compromise on warmth and comfort. Why settle for a generic monotone blanket when the Cozy Cushy allows you to explore both simple and bold styles!

4) Mobility
Imagine you're making a bowl of popcorn on a cold winter day to curl up and enjoy your favorite movie. After putting the package into the microwave, you've settled on the couch and wrapped up in your favorite blanket. Just as you're getting comfortable the microwave begins beeping to alert you that your popcorn is done. You must now abandon your comfortable haven and retrieve your snack leaving you chilly and unmotivated. Here at Cozy Cushy we say NO MORE to this chilly feeling. The wearable Cozy Cushy allows you to bring warmth and comfort with you everywhere you go!

5) Oversized
Just like your favorite blanket, the Cozy Cushy is large in size and allows you to cover up from head to toe with ease. No more worries of exposed toes or fingers! Bundle up and enjoy the soft feeling of the Cozy Cushy.

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