Top Gift For 2020 - Long Sleeve Blanket

My autumn has been so much comfier with the CozyCushy and its the perfect gift this holiday season. I'm Ron Corningstun and for years I've worked writing beauty and apparel blogs, but glamour can only go so far. After a decade of observing suits and street fashion, I've developed a great appreciation for clothing that balances style and comfort. With four insanely stylish options, CozyCushy's give your loved ones the warmth and elegance they deserve. 

The Cool and Comfy

Available in red, blue and grey, this simple design looks good anytime, anywhere. This top is my favorite sweater-substitute and I love bringing it around the house.

The Festive and Fun

This CozyCushy features a unique button-down that makes it perfectly versatile for any temperature. Unlike pullovers, you don't ever need to worry about being too warm or too cold. With unique color options and an ultra-soft lining, the festive and fun makes

The Long and Warm

The perfect sweater and blanket hybrid, the Long and Warm is perfect for nighttime relaxation. When I'm sitting in the living room reading light novels on my tablet, I'm always in my grey Long and Warm. By extending all the way to my feet, I'm always covered in comfort.

The Multipatterned

 An interesting spin on the Cool and Comfy, express your interests in style and comfort with the Multipatterned CozyCushy. Versatile enough to wear outdoors and comfortable enough to savor indoors.


My family and I own several styles in every CozyCushy available and we've absolutely loved them over the past few weeks. The weather is starting to get chilly and the holiday season is approaching fast, so the CozyCushy is the perfect gift to anyone you care about - especially yourself ♥.

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