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Ken Pet Dog Leopard Printed Shirt

Ken Pet Dog Leopard Printed Shirt

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Elevate your Ken doll's fashion game with our Ken Pet Dog Leopard Printed Shirt. This shirt adds a look of wild style to Ken's wardrobe, perfect for fashion-forward playtime. The realistic design and easy-to-use closures make it a must-have accessory for any Ken doll owner. Let Ken and his furry friend strut their stuff in style!


  • Movie: Barbie 2023
  • Material: Thickiy Ronior Fabric
  • Including: Scarf

Size Guide(Inches):

Size Bust  Neck  Back Length 
XS 10.2-13.8 8.7-11.0 9.1-11.0
S 14.2-17.7 11.4-13.8 11.4-13.8
M 18.1-21.7 14.2-16.1 14.2-16.5
L 22.0-25.6 16.5-18.5 16.9-19.3
XL 26.0-29.5 18.9-20.9 19.7-21.7