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Kurokawa Akane Carnival Suit

Kurokawa Akane Carnival Suit

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Make a statement with the Kurokawa Akane Carnival Suit! This look-catching suit is designed for comfort and features exquisite detailing, from its vibrant colors to its stylish accents. The fabric is lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for any occasion. Its awesome design will bring out your best features, making you feel confident and good in any setting. Get ready to turn heads with the Kurokawa Akane Carnival Suit today!


  • Material: Polyester

    Size Chart (Inches):

    Size Height Bust Waist Hip
    S 59.84-62.20 31.88-33.07 24.80-25.98 32.67-33.85
    M 62.20-65.35 33.46-34.64 26.37-27.55 34.25-35.43
    L 65.35-67.71 35.03-36.22 27.95-29.13 35.82-37
    XL 67.71-70.07 36.61-37.79 29.52-30.70 37.40-38.58
    XXL 70.07-72.44 38.18-39.37 31.10-31.88 38.97-41.33
    XXXL 72.4-74.8 39.7-40.9 32.2-33.4 41.3-43.3

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